Strategic Project Management

This module teaches students the importance of aligning projects with the business strategy.


Knowledge Module 24: Strategic Project Management – Strategic alignment is a two‐way process. Overall business strategy guides project planning, and, in turn, project success drives enterprise strategy. Students understand the bigger‐picture goals of PM, how to accomplish strategic goals, how to identify what is being accomplished and why, and how to achieve goals. Other topics include measuring project success and portfolio and program management.

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Key Topics

  • Understanding business strategy and its relation to projects
  • Mission, goals, objectives, and processes to bring an organization’s intended strategy to reality
  • Strategic choices and strategic management practices
  • Methods of aligning projects with strategy
  • Strategic evaluation and selection of projects to create a well‐balanced portfolio
  • Critical success factor, financial evaluation criteria, and measuring project success
  • Strategic portfolio and program management
  • Case study of an organization with strong strategic PM focus

Learning Outcomes


Analyze the company’s mission, goals, and objectives, and develop a plan to ensure that project outcomes reflect an appropriate strategy.


Evaluating critical success factors, use the principles of project portfolio management (PPM) to evaluate potential projects, and justify the selection of an appropriate portfolio that reflects company goals and objectives.


Demonstrate how project success can be quantified and measured, and construct a plan to allocate appropriate resources to the portfolio.