Plan, Distribute, and Manage Project Communications

The role of communications in planning and managing projects is covered in this module, which covers communications planning, developing and distributing information, and reporting to relevant parties.


Knowledge Module 16: Plan, Distribute, and Manage Project Communications – This module uses communication analysis, design, and delivery techniques to familiarize students with concepts, tools, and skills that effectively influence stakeholders. This module covers the formal theory behind effective listening and two‐way communications.

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Key Topics

  • Communication models, communication process
  • Communication barriers, communication tools and techniques
  • Types of communication and information distribution
  • Communication planning
  • Relationship between project complexity and communication
  • Planning and executing effective project communications, such as formal and informal, face‐to‐face, virtual meetings, performance reporting, and briefings
  • Personal communication, managing meetings and presentations
  • Writing performance reports

Learning Outcomes


Distinguish between formal and informal communications methods and defend when each is applicable on a project.


Evaluate and select appropriate communication tools and methods to communicate with identified stakeholders, including commonly used templates for communication activities such as status reporting, issues tracking, change control, and project reviews.


Given an organizational context and project objectives, construct a communication‐management plan that defines the participants, communication processes, tools, and methods required for appropriate project communication.