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PMI at Decision Sciences Institute Conference, 23-25 November

23 October 2019 to 23 November 2019

The Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting brings together thousands academics and practitioners who focus on managerial decision making involving systems and people. This year’s conference will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from 23-25 November 2019. Learn more about the conference at

As a sponsor of the conference, PMI aims to highlight the commonalities and synergy between decision sciences and project management. At the 2019 event, PMI sponsored a case writing competition and will host a reception for project management professionals. The winner and runner-up cases from the case competition will be posted here on following the conference.

If you are attending the DSI conference, be sure to review the following sessions from the Project Management track as you build your conference agenda.

Project Management Track Sessions

Saturday, November 23


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Modeling for Construction Projects (PROJ2)

Location: Jackson, 5th Floor

Chair: Ricardo Machado


· Investigating Building Information Modelling in the Public Sector: Current State of Research and Future Research Directions

· Integration of Building Information Modeling to the Construction Project Management


Sunday, November 24


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Management Learning (PROJ3)

Location: Jackson, 5th Floor

Chair: Jeremy Bellah


· Active-ating Agile Project Management with Team-Based Learning

· Designing Classroom Project Management for the Virtual Student Team

· Development of a Project Management Information System: Using the PMBOK® Guide Standards to Design a Better System



PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Management in the Organization (PROJ4)

Location: Jackson, 5th Floor

Chair: Biff Baker


· Exploring Intellectual Property Risk in Sharing Economies

· Management of Change and Project for Business Results

· Project Risk Management: An Integrated Decision-making Support Approach

AWARD: Project Management Institute Instructional Case Writing Competition (AWRD8)

Location: Studio 1, 2nd Floor

Chair: Gary Klein


· Hisarna – Developing a Sustainable Steel Production Process

· Resolving agency issues in client-contractor relationships: The Merck Innovation Center


Monday, November 25


WORKSHOP: Meet the Editors of Non-DSI Journals

Location: Galerie 3, 2nd Floor

Chair: Morgan Swink


PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Management in Context (PROJ5)

Location: Jackson, 5th Floor

Chair: Qiannong Gu


· Supply Chain Management Implementation in the Project-Based Environment: A Systematic Review

· Project Management in Circular Supply Chain Operations

· Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) for Manufacturing & Life Sciences

· Prioritizing Project Scope Creep Factors in the Oil and Gas Industry




Location: Jackson, 5th Floor

Chair: Mingyu Zhang


· Deplorable ICT Project Success Rates–Why? A New View of the Root Causes

· Effects of Contextual Factors on IT Project Collaboration

· Influence of Interdependence on Project Performance using Agile Process

· Risk Factors of Post-Merger IS Integration Project



PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Modeling for Project Management (PROJ1)

Location: Jackson, 5th Floor

Chair: Balaji Janamanchi


· Leveraging Moderate Levels of Stress in Project Execution: Simulation Experimentation for a Software Project

· Sourcing Structures and the Execution Efficiency of IT Projects: A Comparative Evaluation Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis

· Estimation of Project Durations and Resource Allocation Patterns in Multi-Project Portfolio Environment