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Governance and Innovation Webinar on 3 April: Register Today!

26 March 2019 to 3 April 2019

On 3 April at 3:00 p.m. Eastern, PMI Sponsored Researchers Michael Knapp, PhD, and Chris Stevens, PhD, will present an hour-long webinar on their research: “Governance of Innovation in Portfolios, Programs and Projects.”

This webinar, available at, is open to everyone, including students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners. Viewers are eligible for 1 PDU. There is no cost for the webinar; viewers only need a free account on You can register here.

The webinar will look at the importance of governance in portfolios, programs and projects (3P) for organizational success, and whether and how governance can be designed to support and promote innovation. The escalating importance of project delivery in organizations, especially for innovation, highlights the need for better understanding of the relationship between governance, innovation, and success in 3P.

The researchers will outline the background, their research question, their methodology, and their main findings. They also identify the outputs of the research, designed for both academic and practitioner audiences. They emphasize implications for practice, providing guidance to industry for the development of governance approaches to best support innovation in 3P.

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