PMI Sponsored Research Webinars

The PMI Sponsored Research Program supports new academic research to advance knowledge in project management through grant funding. To help disseminate this research, PMI hosts hour-long webinars in which the grant recipients present findings from their research in a format and style accessible to students and professionals as well as academics. The links below will take you to each webinar, hosted on our sister site,, and you can earn PDUs for viewing.

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Governance of Innovation in Portfolios, Programs and Projects

Michael Knapp and Chris Stevens


Governance is of increasing importance for Portfolios, Programs, and Projects (3P) success from an organizational perspective, and multiple studies have highlighted the need for it to be appropriate for the environment. To better understand innovation as applied to 3P, and how governance approaches can be tailored for best outcomes, PMI Sponsored Researcher Michael Knapp and colleagues conducted an in-depth, exploratory, multiple-case study. In this webinar, they emphasize implications for practice, providing guidance to industry for the development of governance approaches to best support innovation in 3P.


Project Governance: From Data to Recommendations to Action or Inaction

Terry Williams and Hang Vo, University of Hull, and Richard Kirkham, University of Manchester


Assurance reviews are essential to the overall good governance of major public projects and programs. A research study led by The University of Hull and funded by PMI seeks to uncover how the treatment of assurance review data influences recommendations and subsequent actions (or inactions). In this webinar, the researchers discuss implications arising from their findings, explore suggestions for improving current assurance processes in practice, and identify recommendations for future research.


Building Project-Based Learning Organizations

Anna Wiewiora, Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology


Project learning is a vital prerequisite for innovation as it directly contributes to project and organizational capability development. However, how organizations facilitate the transfer of learning between the individual, project, and organizational levels remains limited. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored Research investigators Anna Wiewiora and Artemis Chang present key findings from their research investigating mechanisms influencing learning flows between individuals, project and the parent organization.


Managing Uncertainty in Megaprojects

John Steen, Associate Professor, University of Queensland Business School


Adapting to uncertainty during the life of a project is a crucial but often-overlooked capacity for megaproject performance. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored Research investigator John Steen presents his research showing that project leaders play an important role in recognizing when a plan needs to change and then navigating the path onto a new project plan without disrupting the delivery of the project.


Building Options at Project Front-End Strategizing: The Power of Capital Design for Evolvability

Nuno Gil, Professor of New Infrastructure Development, Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester


Capital projects are the source of myriad challenges. The challenge to design the end product for adaptability to future change can create tension and discord among project teams as they navigate the design phase. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored Research investigator Nuno Gil presents a framework to improve the quality of outcomes and increase the project team’s accountability during the design phase.


Expert Judgment: How to Incorporate the Latest Developments in Using this Common PM Tool

Paul Szwed, Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy


Expert judgment is a major source of information that can provide vital input to project managers, who must ensure that projects are completed successfully, on time, and on budget. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored Research investigator Paul S. Szwed provides research that will help project managers become more adept at using expert judgment effectively.


Visuals Matter!

Joana Geraldi, Academic Faculty Member, Technical University of Denmark, and Mario Arlt


In Visuals Matter!, the result of a two-year research project funded by the Project Management Institute and University College London, authors Joana Geraldi and Mario Arlt explore the impact of visuals on cognition and communication in project portfolio decisions. Their goal is to increase awareness about how important visuals can be and to provide guidance on how visuals can be used and designed to enhance business.


Organizational Enablers for Project Governance

Ralf Müller, Professor of Project Management, BI Norwegian Business School


Corporate governance and “governmentality” not only determine how business should be conducted, but also define the policies and procedures organizations follow to achieve business functions and goals. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researcher Ralf Müller examines the interaction of governance and governmentality in various types of companies and demonstrates how these factors drive business success and influence project work, efficiency, and profitability.


Rethink! Project Stakeholder Management

Ralf Müller, Professor of Project Management, BI Norwegian Business School


In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researcher Martina Huemann analyzes stakeholder management from two perspectives: In a “management of stakeholders” approach, a project needs stakeholder contributions to fulfill its purpose. In contrast, the “management for stakeholders” approach is based on the understanding that all stakeholders are valuable regardless of their help or harm potential.


A Typology Framework for Virtual Teams

Ann Ledwith, Enterprise Research Centre, University of Limerick, and Padhraic Ludden, Programme Manager, Hewlett-Packard


In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researchers Ann Ledwith and Padhraic Ludden present empirical evidence to support the existence of a typology framework for virtual project teams. In addition, the relationship between virtual team types and project success is explored.


Collaborative Project Procurement Arrangements

Derek Walker, professor emeritus, RMIT University, and Beverly Lloyd-Walker, PhD


Large projects, especially in the construction and infrastructure sectors, involve collaborations of many different types. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researchers Derek Walker and Beverly Lloyd-Walker share research on the types of collaborative projects, undertaken to respond to the need for a taxonomy of relationship-based procurement approaches, a particular type of project alliancing in need of standardization.


Project Manager Development Paths: What Project Managers Learn from Their Experiences and What Influences Their Learning

Liselore Havermans PhD, Peter Storm PhD, and Chantal Savelsbergh PhD


In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researchers Peter Storm, Liselore Havermans, and Chantal Savelsbergh share research on how learning experiences as well as personal characteristics comport with professional development in project managers. The results show that the common patterns among the experiences of respondents.


Challenges and Best Practices of Managing Government Projects and Programs

Young Hoon Kwak, PhD, and Peerasit Patanakul, PhD


Drawing on an impressive array of large-scale government projects gleaned from government audit reports across three major sectors—infrastructure and transportation, information systems, and defense—PMI Sponsored Researchers Young Hoon Kwak and Peerasit Patanakul discuss the reasons government projects go wrong and what can be done to improve their success rates.


Project Management Implementation as Management Innovation – A Closer Look

Dr. Janice Thomas, and Dr. Svetlana Cicmil


What does it take to implement an innovative idea? In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researchers Janice Thomas and Svetlana Cicmil look at the processes involved in implementing one particular type of management innovation—project management—and how these innovations must evolve and be modified in order to deliver value.


The Silver Lining of Project Uncertainties

Thomas G. Lechler, Associate Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology


Risk and uncertainty in projects can be harbingers of opportunity. In this webinar, PMI Sponsored researcher Thomas G. Lechler will explain how project practitioners can create or identify these potentially valuable opportunities.